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Just upgraded to the newest version and Tversity Pro won’t play .avi files anymore.
What’s up with that?
Everything worked fine before the upgrade. Now I can’t play any of my files via the Sony dvd player or the Playstation.
Any chance any of you can guide me in fixing this issue?



Are there any error messages in the status page when attempting to play such files?

What was the previous version you used?

Either way it sounds like a possible transcoding issue, I suggest installing a codec pack like ffdshow-trout (32 bit) and then re-installing TVersity.

Did that and now all files played have sound out of sync.
I don’t remember which version I had before but I was about 4 versions behind.
For the record, the movies play fine and audio is in sync if played on the computer using VLC Player.
Any other possibilities?

Are these videos being transcoded? You can tell by checking the status page. If no then your DVD player has issues playing those videos and forcing a transcode may help.


Yes, the videos are being transcoded. I did install the ffshow codecs and the audio runs out of sync within minutes into the movies.
It’s pretty bad.
I’ve tried every possible trick I have found online and so far nothing syncs the audio. The movies again, are perfectly in sync when played on the computer which means the issue is with the media server.
Hoping someone will have an answer here.

How is the CPU on the PC running TVersity? Is it at 100% or close to it?

Also can you open the temporary files folder (you can do it from the settings page) and play one of those transcoded files in VLC? Is it in sync in VLC?