No youtube videos - Highest rated(0)....etc

Hi, I’ve installed free version on my PC. My wii connects ok. I can watch videos that are on my laptop from the Wii ok.
On the laptop TVERSITY GUI I used the big “+” to add all of the youtube predefined channels/links (whatever they are called) such as “best daily”, “highest rated”, “most discussed”…etc. I get a message on the PC that they have been added, I see them in the library.
If I select them on the PC from the library a list of videos opens in my PC browser. But when I go to my wii, I see all of the categories but they all show as having “0” videos such as “Most Discussed(0)”, "Highest rated(0)…etc. According to the features list this ability
should be included in the free version. I’ve followed several versions of web doc. describing wii setup but must be missing something.
I’d appreciate any suggestions anyone has to offer. The features of TVERSITY sound great. The ability to see my local videos is great.
I just want to see that I can get basic youtube videos before purchasing the PRO version. Thanks.


Does anyone have this working on their wii?

Yes the pro supporting youtube videos