Not finding my solution here. PS3 won't recognize TVersity

Windows 7, wireless router from Verizon FiOS, PS3.

A while ago I downloaded TVersity (back when it was free), and all I had to do was drag some movies into it, turn on my PS3, and TVersity would be there under the Movies menu. I didn’t have to press “Search for Media Servers” on the PS3; it just popped up.

Then one day my PS3 stopped seeing TVersity. So I uninstalled it, and when I went to go reinstall, lo and behold, it now costs $3.99. So, ah, that’s the problem, I thought. So I paid the four bucks and reinstalled TVersity. Now my PS3 still won’t see it. I’ve refreshed TVersity, I’ve pressed “stop sharing” and “start sharing.” I don’t see the PS3 anywhere in my TVersity menu, as some forums suggested one should see, but I’m not trying to play PS3 stuff on my computer, I’m trying to play computer stuff on my PS3 (stuff as in movies).

So what am I doing wrong? What really makes me mad is that I can’t get a refund because there’s no official tech support I can contact, only forums.