Out-of-the box PS3 and Iphone support not working

Purchased the following:
HP Proliant Microserver, 4Gb RAM, 250Gb drive(will get bigger but ok for now)

Installed from scratch and in order:
Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
Community Codec Pack
Tversity Pro (paid for obviously), installed under it’s own service account
UAC is disabled

I’ve spent all morning on this and tried numerous different codec packs, settings, etc. Rebooting and cleaning up inbetween.

The majority of my library could be easily described as either MKV or MPG format.

All my library has started off as MKV and I’ve used MKV2VOB to convert to MPG for use with the PS3.

I’m getting the dreaded “data is corrupted” message when I attempt to play either MPG or MKV on the PS3.

On the Iphone I get the video without sound no matter what file format I select.

I can see from the huge amount of threads that no matter how many of the "definitive guides" are available everybody tends to have different results.

I’m going to start again, but before I do, please don’t hesitate to tell me what I’m doing wrong.

(PS: I’m running TVERSITY on my laptop which has Windows 7 64bit and Klite codec pack and it works perfectly well for PS3)

Still no further forward.

I’ve reinstalled Win 7 64bit, I have Tversity running under it’s own admin account and when I install the CODECS I do it whilst logged on under that tversity account, UAC is off and firewall is off.

I’ve tried CCCP codecs, Klite and followed the standard Tversity guides on installing the codecs manually.

It’s certainly worked for me in the past but not this time around.

First problem is that the PS3 just reports "data is corrupt" when selecting MKVs, however, doing MK2VOB on the files allows them to play fine.
Second problem is that on the Iphone anything I play has no sounds.

WOULD BE GOOD TO KNOW HOW TO DIAGNOSE THE PROBLEM WITH TVERSITY. I’ve tried DEBUG mode but nothing appears obvious in the logs.

Disappointedly I installed “PS3 Media Server” and it worked first time without any configuration tweaking. MKV’s are playing very well and I can now for the first time ever properly skip through video files.

Hi Lucozade. Can I ask what Microserver you use - is it the N36L? I`m very tempted by one of these, but want to be sure it will run TVersity before shelling out on one :-)

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