Panasonic TV support


I bought the TVersity screen server recently but I cannot run it on my panasonic tv TX-55AS650E. I tried to set device to majority of options (mainly Sony Bravia, PS3 and Xbox360 as I read somewhere) but nothing works. It alwyas says unsupported file format. My TV is quite new (1 year old) so I was hoping it can handle it.

Second problem is when I am running it on my blue ray player Pioneer BDP-170-K its somehow lagging, even if I set lower resolution and speed settings instead of quality.

I believe my TV would process it better but I am not able to watch real time (like sports stream) on both devices.

Thanks for support

Lagging is normal, given that we use the video playback functionality of your devices and this functionality involves several seconds of buffering (from 5 to 15 seconds is normal).

With regard to your Panasonic TV, it is indeed unsupported. We list our supported devices at:

Our recommendation is to use a Chromecast or Roku since we do not intend to support additional smart TV brands. It is much more cost-effective to buy a non smart TV and use something like Roku or Chromecast and more and more people are doing it, hence it simply does not make sense for us to invest in smart TVs anymore.