Pc to ps3 worked now picture no sound

I have tversity 2.2 Pro that did work fine, now It does not . It streams the picture but the sound plays throught the pc’s speaker.
Even when I turn off tversity the sound continues throught the pc’s speakers and the only way to get rid of the sound is to reboot the pc!

How could something that use to work just fine ,not work anymore?

Same problem. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling tversity 1.9, 2.1, 2.2 plus codecs, plus all flash players on my system. Nothing.

Having the same exact issue. Hulu video on TV works great, but sound plays through PC speakers or headphones.
I tried the Audio Mix fix, that didn’t seem to have any effect.
Anyone come up with a solution?

I have the same problem streaming Hulu to my PS3. It used to work and sound stopped working.

Well, I might have a suggestion. I haven’t tried it yet but I found it on another post. I had just upgraded my Flash player and this post had reference to Flash:

"It is the flash 11.2… problem.
Uninstall flash and install a 11.1… version.
To uninstall see:
And install:

Credit goes to Semion if it works.

I know everyone hates this when someone chimes in with the same problem but no solution. Maybe the more people that bellyache about it then someone might show pity on us!

I am have the same problem. It is as if the audio and video are being processed by two totally separate entities. I am using Tvserity Pro and I have a D-Link DSM 520 that handles the streaming to the TV and audio (Logitech receiver). Up until just recently, I could stream Hulu content to my TV and the audio would play from my Logitech receiver and home stereo speakers. Now, the audio starts about 20 seconds before the video and it is only coming out of my PC’s speakers. I can FF the video and the audio continues at the same speed (I can actually FF the video so that audio and video are almost synchronized…NOT a SOLUTION though). When I stop the stream, the audio continues and I have to shut down my UPnP device (DSM 520) before the audio will stop. If I am not streaming live content from the internet, rather instead a file from my hard drive, audio is correctly routed to the DSM 520 and to my Logitech stereo system. The problem only occurs with Internet streaming (I have only tried with Hulu).

Any one?