PHEW Done, but still one issue

Finally got the streaming to the Wii going.
Next was transcoder problems.

  1. Had to deinstall ffdshow and reinstall and reconfigure.
  2. Strangely enough even when I set the folder in the library to always transcode AND set TVersity itself to always transcode, for flash (.FLV) files it still just streamed them. (The Wii played with no audio or video, so I’m assuming a newer version of flash created them than the Wii browser has)
    However converting them to a new format forced the issue.

It would be nice for TVersity to do what I said and always transcode so I can use FLV straight from where I get them, but at least shes going.

I’m not sure why FLV couldn’t be forced to transcode into FLV. Maybe there’s a little ‘anti-redundancy’ code preventing that…