Photo slide show on iPad

I have installed the free version of TVersity, mainly to consume my personal photo library residing on my home PC via my iPad. I have observed that TVersityx’s classical web frontend can render slide shows that are then played back in Windows Media Player. The iPad frontend does not have that option.

Is this a feature that comes with the pro edition? I know that that one supports on-the-fly-transcoding but I am not sure whether my slide show ‘requirement’ falls under on-the-fly-transcoding…


There aren’t a lot of extra features in Pro, just some popular ones…

hi.i haev not used the one you are talking about but i am using the Sort shots app & it works perfect for me… :) :)

I use photo slideshow from Apple Store and it’s easy to use for me on my ipad. :D i think Photo Slideshow Directoris fit for me .