Play all songs NEEDED!

Tversity is so much better than all those other streaming programs I’ve tried. Its fast, smooth and just what I wanted.

It’s missing ONE THING and that is the ability to queue up a group of songs on the iphone so they keep playing one after another. I don’t like clicking play after each song. PLEASE!!

We know and agree. This is coming soon.

Any update on this ?

Hi there. I am quite a heavy user of Tversity, my kids use it all day with my dlink 320rd in their play room, on my xbox in the front room and also on my sound bridge attached to my HiFi. They all work perfectly even at the same time.

BUT why can I only play 1 song at a time on my iphone ? :(

Can you guys offer me a hack or any news on when this most fantastic piece of software will let me listen to my music in the bath.

Yes before you say it too many gadgets but believe me it is better than having piles of DVDs and CDs all round my house.


Any word on this?

Been months. Great program, but really need to be able to play a folder of songs.

Since TVersity cant play all songs in a folder is there some alternative to TVersity that will let me play my music over Wifi?

Although I’d really prefer to use TVersity I’m currently streaming audio to my iPod touch utilising >Orb.

Will there be a "play all" functionality in the near future?

Hey folks,

I have an iPhone 2.0 and have been able to get my streaming working via EDGE (and 3G) to my home TVersity media server.
The only problem remaining for me is to be able to play more than one song at a time. (from a playlist, etc.)

I am a very technical user and would be willing to help out in any way possible to resolve this issue. (Testing, etc(
How can I help?

(Admins can contact me directly via email in my profile).

I can play all my songlist. Try http://localhost:41952/flashlib…. :D :D :P

Add my voice to the chorus. I got a new Ipod Touch. I got it working with TVersity. It will play only one song at a time. I’d like it to play entire albums or entire directories. How and/or when can this happen?
For now, my solution has been to use Thoro’s suggestion and stream using Orb (, but I much prefer TVersity for my DSM320 media player and who wants to run two media servers at once?

[quote]We know and agree. This is coming soon.[/quote] Oct. 2007…
I’d hate to guess how much time “a while” is for them…

Finally! Version 1.9 of TVersity now streams entire albums of songs and entire folders of songs one after another to my ipod. Be sure to update your ipod/iphone OS to the latest version and be sure to turn on java in the ipod’s “Settings -> Safari”. Point your ipod’s Safari browser to http://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:41952/iphone (the x represents your host computer’s LAN ip address. You can type ipconfig at a command prompt on your host computer to discover what the address is.) You’re in business! You’ll want to add a bookmark in Safari for future ease.

Is there any update on this. I have this problem, and it really makes Tversity useless for the ipod. Is there any fix?

yeah, the fix will occur when Apple iPhone supports flash… :lol:

We are releasing in 1-2 weeks the app that can do all of this

If all your photos are in iTunes, you can have iTunes do the mirroring and your viewers will only see that and not your whole desktop. Maybe in the future there will be another App that does this but for now only iTunes.