PRO Version and Timeline on iPad


I purchased the Pro Version yesterday, and all works good for me, video is sometimes a little bit blocky, but that could be a reesult of my small bandwidth, ist’s only 802.11g with a wall between.

But an other thing i can’t explain. In iPad when i play a movie from the TVersity-own website/-server and expand to fullscreen on the upper border there could be a timeline on with one can scrub to a position within the movie. In TVersity this timeline is missing. BUT not always! Sometime it is there, and sometime it appears, after pausing and resuming, or after waiting a time. On other movies it won’t appear ever.

I can’t imaging what error this cound be. Or has it to do with the on-the-fly-transcoding? But this works in other clients!

Greetings from Germany

P.S.: And sorry for my poor english!

I got the same problem, no timeline… and I got an hard time make the live decoding work with mkv…

so I’m thinking serioulsy about an refund… :(