Problem connecting to the server

I have been using Tversity for a while now (Pro version) it was originalkly installed on my PC 6 months ago on windows 8.1, I updated to windows 10 about a month ago and Tversity worked just fine.

Yesterday out of the blue while trying to start a film for the kids (it streams to a PS3 and XBox One) I get hit with this message:

“Could not connect to the server, please start sharing to continue”

I dissabled my firewall, checked shared status of the folders, ran it with admin rights etc…but still no joy.

The trouble is is that I am stuck in a loop where I cant get to the Tvertsity options because of popup windows telling me about how it cannot connect to the server.

Please help.



Please try re-installing it. It sounds like some file got corrupted and hence the software cannot start.