Problem of Streaming YouTube

I am installed v2.4 into my Win8 64bit.
I use media player to streaming Tversity into my Sony TV.
I am streaming youtube to my TV, everything is fine.
After one of the video finished. I am going to play another video on TV.
Suddenly, the video become mute, and the sound come out from the computer which the Tversity was installed.
It is not always happened but sometimes.

I can fix this problem by restart Tversity.
I just want to know why this happened and how can I avoid it?


We would appreciate it very much if you can perhaps generate debug logs and send them to us so we can troubleshoot this issue.

Following is the procedure:

Go to start=>All programs=>accessories

Find notepad

Right click on it and run as administrator - in case of windows 7 or vista (for xp you need only run it)

Open in notepad a file called located in the installation folder of the software (C:\ProgramData\TVersity for Windows 7 and Vista or C:\Program Files\TVersity\Media Server for Windows XP) and change the word ERROR in the first line to DEBUG. Save it.

Stop the media server

Go to the installation folder or in \Windows\System32 (on 64 bits version of Windows this will be \Windows\SysWOW64). Find file called TVersityMediaServer.log and TVersityMediaServer.logX where may be some number from 1 to 5. Delete all of them.

Start the media server

Reproduce the problem you had

This should create a file called TVersityMediaServer.log of size bigger than zero in the installation folder or in \Windows\System32 (on 64 bits version of Windows this will be \Windows\SysWOW64). Please zip it and then send it to

Sounds like an issue we are unaware of, thanks for letting us know. We will look into that.


I am using Tversity Pro 3.7.1 on a Windows 7 laptop with a Sony Bravia KDL508 TV.
I am experiencing exactly the same problem that after adding the youtube URL into the Tversity under “Internet Video” when I try to run it from the TV, the video plays on the TV but as “bb1228” mentioned above, the audio comes out from the laptop, on which the Tversity is installed. Even if I stop the video on the TV, the audio keeps playing in the laptop. And the worst case is that I have to stop sharing the Tversity in order to stop the audio as it does not open any window or dialog box, etc.


PS: By the way, sometimes the video doesn’t play at all, but just the message “Playback not available” appears on the TV.

The “Playback not available” message is from YouTube not us.

With regard to the audio issue, this is a new issue with YouTube. They no longer use Flash and our engine is Flash specific. We are looking into extending our engine to handle HTML5 too. For the time being our Screen Server is the best workaround, we will offer 66% off to users that have this issue so that they have a temp solution.

Hello ronenmiz,

thanks for your response. I don’t know the internal functioning of your engine, but am just wondering, does the “Transcoding” feature not help in this regard if it’s something to do with a particular video format?

Secondly, what I don’t logically understand is that how come in the YouTube case the video plays on the TV and audio on laptop when I play the video from the TV? I would have expected that the video plays muted without any audio from any other source. Would be great if you could elaborate this a bit. Thanks.

Screen Server:
I have already bought your “Screen Server” recently. But it works well only for some of the videos played on the laptop. A 1 or 2 seconds delay is totally acceptable and understandable. But for some HD video streams played on the laptop, I experienced a retarded motion on the TV screen. Is there any way to enhance this such that it would work well for all the videos played on the laptop?

By the way. I must say that I liked the “Play only sound from PC” feature included in your Screen Server.


Transcoding converts one format to another so that it plays on your TV. It is not relevant to the issue I mention with the audio.

The YouTube video plays its audio on the PC because the PC is running a web browser without actually you seeing it. That browser content is redirected to TV. When the audio content is not redirected in this fashion then it ends up playing on the PC.

With regard to the screen server performance, please note that a fast laptop is helpful but event core i3 is enough as long as you reduce the screen res to 1280x720, and disable Windows aero. Also an AMD CPU is not recommended because when H.264 encoding needs to happen hardware acceleration is only supported for Intel.

Hello ronenmiz,

thanks for your reply. Then I think at the moment I don’t have any other option that to wait for a new Tversity Media Server engine extension release that would handle the HTML5 as well as you mentioned earlier.

Thanks so far. Hope to get the extension soon.


As I said we strongly recommend the Screen Server. The long term intention is for the Screen Server to be the only solution for premium web content. The Media Server will handle personal media, podcasts, etc. but not Flash videos, HTML videos and so on.

Hi ronenmiz,

is there a Screen Server app for Android? I would rather like to play media from the Android Smartphone and mirror it on the TV screen.


No, there is not one. However Android does offer something called Miracast that is supposed to do what you want.