Problem with TVersity 3.8 and VPN

I hope someone can help with this issue:

The problem I am having is that when I run TVersity
without turning on my VPN it recognizes the IP and all is fine. However, when I log into myVPN (which is most of the time), the IP changes and TVersity fails to
run. I have tried changing the IP number in the settings but that only works until the IP number changes.

The VPN adds a virtual network interface and if that interface is the default one, then Windows binds TVersity to it instead of to your normal network. You can change it by tweaking the binding order of network interfaces.

More info is at:

I am using Windows 10 and I could not find a solution to this problem with your information.

Could anyone please help with this? I cannot understand why this is the ONLY software that I have this problem with! Mezzmo works without any problems, PlayOn, no problem, Universal Media server no problem, Serviio no problem! Only TVersity has this problem and I cannot get a definitive solution. Sooo frustrating.
Thank you in advance to anyone for taking the time to help a fellow user.

Again I have TVersity 3.8 Pro and Windows !0

The solution again is to make the correct network interface the default one but tweaking the binding order in Windows. See:

I appreciate the illustrated guidance (it really helps) however Ronen the problem in Windows 10 is that once I make the changes and click OK the window closes and the settings revert back to whatever they were before and the problem continues. I can see this worked for Windows 7 but once again, I am using Windows 10.

It sounds like you are now having a Windows 10 issue of some sort. I wish I could help you but I am not a Windows 10 expert. Perhaps you should take it to Microsoft or one of their forums, etc.?

I agree, this is a problem because windows 10 does not permit a change in the network adapter priority. However I cannot believe I am the only person running Tversity with a Vpn. I hope other forum members that have encountered this situation will share the solution. I will also visit the Microsoft
forums for a solution.

We looked into it some more and it turns out that Windows 10 does allow doing it!!!

Please see here:

Well, unfortunately this did not work for the same reason I explained earlier… Windows 10 does not retain those changed settings. However, this is what I am trying it seems to be working for now: I opened the “ethernet” details and wrote down the IP address for “Ethernet” I than opened the server settings in Tversity and added that Ip address. It seems to be working. Hopefully this is address does not change and Tversity will keep working. Other times I used a different ip address which kept changing and that caused connection issues. Let’s see what happens …

Yes this does work and it mentioned in the FAQ, however we do not recommend it because the IP can change and when it does TVersity won’t be able to start at all.

With regard to Windows 10, admin users can make those changes and they are retained, so you must be doing something wrong.

I can confirm that Windows 10 no longer supports the GUI binding order for network adapters - see

TVersity still uses DNS binding order (TVersity-you need to fix that) so if you introduce any kind of virtual ethernet binding it will screw it up.

You can change bindings in windows 10 via powershell. I did this as I had a problem with Hyper-V and TVersity where I created a virtual ethernet adapter which immediately broke tversity. My primary NIC is called “Ethernet”. My virtual NIC is called vEthernet (Internet-Nic 2). I changed the binding order by lowering the Interface Metric for “Ethernet” to 3 using the command Set-NetIPInterface –InterfaceIndex “10”–InterfaceMetric “3” - as “Ethernet” had the InterfaceIndex of 10.

See In this article he increased the Interface Metric of his virtual adapters. That didn’t stick for me. So I lowered the physical adapter Interface Metric and that stuck. Note that lowering it to 3 made it the lowest value and therefore the highest priority for binding… Note that the GUI still shows it as unchanged.
Hope this helps


Thanks swamprat96 for confirming that Windows 10 no longer supports the GUI binding order for network adapters! Ronen, TVersity, when will you be able to address this issue… "Windows 10 no longer supports the GUI binding order for network adapters "?

If you cannot make the fix, can you provide an illustrated step by step process as referenced by swamprat96? I am certain that this issue will become more relevant as more people use TVersity in conjunction with Windows 10 and a VPN…

We are looking into this, however in the meantime you can still change the default interface on Windows 10 and step by step instruction are provided in the link posted by swamprat96.

Here it is again:

Has TVersity made any progress on this issue? I am still unable to get TVersity to work with the VPN.

Since there is a simple way to work around this issue, it is not high priority so do not expect anything in the very near future. This is an area that we will explore and consider doing something about if it makes sense but not immediately.

“there is a simple way to work around this issue” Have you tried this procedure? I have and I could not get it to work. Could you try it and offer a step by step way to do this? I also do not want to risk effecting other settings since it is somewhat complicated for me without a more descriptive procedure…

Here is what MS says on its web page about binding in Win10. “Cannot change Network Binding Order in Windows 10 …
This feature was deprecated in Windows 8 and cut from the Windows 10 product as there are no longer any components that utilize the binding order. Instead, components such as DNS and TCP/IP use the routing and interface metrics to determine which interface would be used.”

If you do not wish to tweak the Windows configuration, you can edit TVersity’s XML configuration file and set a specific IP address on which it should listen. When you do so, TVersity will bind to that IP only.

What you call a simple work around is crap. I find that if there is no internet connection it is impossible to even get past the start server pop ups to even gain access to the settings screen to enter in a static IP to listen to. I mean come on. And I have also found that when running a vpn forcing this IP setting does not work 100% of the time. It still kicks off the network frequently.

These settings should be accessible at any given time not only if sharing is active. I must say tversity is great. Love the interface. But it is completely dependent on an internet connection. That part I hate. It should run as a stand alone app if so desired for people like me who only use it on a home network. A fix for this would be great.

My goto when Tversity fails is Universal Media Server.