Process wont stay started

Hi there,

I’m running tversity media server pro 3.8 on a windows 2008 r2 server and its run perfectly for the past 5 or so years (on various versions of media server pro).

Something happened a few weeks ago though and now the service will not stay started. I’m not seeing anything in the windows event viewer and I’m not able to find any tversity logs that would help me out.

Does anyone have any ideas that could help troubleshoot?


Does it run for a while and then stops or does it not start? Did you try re-installing? You can also try reinstalling the desktop media experience for Windows server in case some auto-update from MS broke it.

The process does start but then dies within a minute (or less).

I have not attempted a reinstall of Desktop Experience or Tversity yet, I was hoping to look through some logs first but it’s looking more like reinstalling will be the next step.


Ok I uninstalled Desktop Experience and Tversity then reinstalled both. Unfortunately the same thing happened, the process entered a starting state then stopped almost as quickly.

What is the next step?

It sounds like something fails during initialization and it quits. We should be able to pinpoint the failure if you generate detailed logs for us and send them over.

Instruction for generating logs are at:

Ok sorry about the wait, for a day or so it seemed to work (after windows patches and a reboot) but I put a new UPS in and after that it went back to the same old problems.

•What OS? version? Service Packs? Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
•Any special multimedia software and/or codecs installed? TVersity Codec pack

I’ve got the debug log and placed it here:

Thank you for any help you can give

Thanks for sending the logs. They suggest that something is preventing TVersity from joining the multicast group on port 1900. Can you check if the Windows firewall does it or maybe some other security software?