Profiles for supported devices

A major pet peeve of mine… Every time I update TVersity, I need to modify the Profiles.xml all over again for my devices. And these are profiles that are in use by the general population. Seriously, if TVersity get’s updated again and I get another nasty phone call from the wife because TVersity says “format no supported” for all file types on a device that was working flawlessly, then it’s going to be time to start evaluating media servers. As a software developer, I support fellow developers and pay for worthy products. But my experience so far shows little to no support outside updates to the server software. The device profiles are a MAJOR part of a working copy of TVersity and should be supported in some fashion. I’m chomping at the bit to pay for the Pro version but need to see better support first. AS of not, TVersity may as well be open source.

Simple editor for TVersity profiles, maybe a simple wizard format, so we can create profiles for our devices. It’s nearly impossible to do without hours of hunting around for “partial” profiles posted to some obscure forum by other users who spent hours just to get TVersity to work with their device but most commonly for a limited list of AV types. A profile editor could help develop device specific profiles based on the file types the user intends on using. i.e. there’s no reason for me to try and debug xml for MKV files if I don’t use them… Plus, an editor could help determine what tags need to be included and what can be excluded.
Publish well documented generic profiles which one can use as a basis for developing device specific profiles. have yet to find any documentation on the TVersity xml.
A XML editor specific to TVersity can’t be that hard to write given the wealth of open source editors available.

A knowledgebase or database of TVersity developer or user tested profiles for devices that are successfully working with TVersity. If TVersity isn’t going to keep their product growing by aiding in the use of their software with different devices then at least they can facilitate the development, testing and dissemination of working profiles. By user tested, I would recommend using a common peer-review technique. A profile is developed by a user with an “above novice” rating on the forum. it is posted to a forum for beta-testing profiles. Three or more experienced TVersity users test and debug it. The end result is a solid profile and, in turn, TVersity users with experience working with the internals of device-related profiles.

totally agree with this although what would be even better is the ability to just turn off Transcoding on a device level basis.

e.g. AC Ryan products have so much built-in support that they don’t need transcoding. However, I have other media clients in the house that do.

Why not separate built-in profiles and user profiles? That way, updating TVersity would not overwrite user profiles at all. You could even include a switch to determine which one should take precedence when matching devices.

pyniflib or niflib would be a good tool for such a developer but Ive not seen anyone with the skill set come by. If there is such a person then the developer here would help them as best they could but I dont think you will see any of us doing one at this time.