Roku 2 Support

Hey Guys,

It would be awesome if we could get support for Roku 2. I currently have to use Plex for my Roku device and TVersity for my PS3. Would love to use just one media server.



YES PLEASE!!! I want this too and probably thousands of others. I use TVersity for PS3, Xbox and regular DLNA (DVD, Android, etc.) streaming but I’m stuck with clunky Plex Media Server for my Rokus. Help Semion!

Any update yet

Well learn the issue and Ill update all the community.

Does this work now? I see Roku listed as a supported device on the tversity devices page.

Yes. The roku support was improved

So what do you need to install on the Roku for it to see Tversity ??

This is a mistake by Semion. Roku devices are not supported.

Since version 3.0 Roku devices are supported via the Roku Media Player Channel.