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Hi everyone. My first post here, please be gentle :)

I have recently bought a Samsung LE40A756 LCD television. It is on my LAN, and it can see TVersity running on my Vista 64 PC. So far, I am very impressed indeed!

However, I see that the TV programmes I would be watching are also available in high definition, in an MKV container format. The Samsung does not support MKV.

It does support:
[]avi with a variety of codecs including XviD, MPEG2, H.264HP and MPEG-4 ASP[/:m]
[]mp4 with H.264HP and MPEG-4 ASP[/:m][/list:u]

So I guess I would ask:

[]How do I make TVersity understand how to read a Matroska container file?[/:m]
[]How do I tell TVersity what formats the Samsung is willing to accept, and[/:m]
[]Is there anything else I need to do to make it transcode for me?[/:m][/list:u]

Alternatively, does anyone have a good process for batch-converting MKV to one of the above formats, preferably without re-encoding and the accompanying quality loss?

Many thanks for any help that anyone can offer.


GiacomoVe, others claim they cannot use TVersity with the Samsung DLNA TV, could you post here some instructions for them? Did you need to do anything special or perhaps your model / firmware is different than those who have issues?

I have a Samsung series 7 and cannot stream video and audio. I can play the same media from a USB stick, but not stream.
Could someone help out and let me know what settings you have used to make it work.

Hi Alan,
I have a Samsung series 8 TV. With TVersity I could play any type of file (also MKV with on the fly encoding). I followed this guide:


The B solution works very good for me.

Good Luck

Thank you - that solved the video problem. However, the sound is still garbled. It seems to be happening around the right time, but is… well… garbled.

Anybody have any kind of guide on how I should tweak the Profiles.XML to change the sound settings?



I have tried to make sense of the discussion thread about the problems of using TVersity with Samsung DLNA TV’s but without a lot of success. I am new to the forum, new to TVersity and new to my TV. So please be patient with me. If someone could post a “single” set of instructions on what needs to be done to make it work that would be outstanding. I noticed that there was a separate thread about installing on WHS which is where I did the install. I didn’t experience any difficulty in that regard but don’t know if that is part of the problem. Everything appears to working correctly on the TVersity end but no luck on the TV end. TVersity has found the TV (twice for some reason?) and is in the list of devices. I installed the software that came with the TV on my Vista PC and that works fine. However, I would like to use the much superior features of Tversity. I hope that someone can assist.

TVersity does not currently support that TV. There was a user that suggested he found some workaround but no details were provided so for the time being please assume it is unsupported.

It may be supported in the future although there is no due date at this point, it is really up to Samsung to make this happen. We, in TVersity, would love to support any device and deliver optimal experience on it, but there are so many devices out there that it is not possible without the financial support of the device manufacturer.

It is not in the GUI since it is not an officially supported device. It is however in profiles.xml and it will be used when a samsung TV is detected on the network.

Hi ronenmiz,

I have just downloaded Tversity 1.9, but the Samsung TV does not show up in the “Media Playback Device” list. I opened profiles.xml to make sure the Samsung TV profile is there, but it just doesn’t show up in the GUI. Is there an extra step I need to do?


We have included a user contributed profile in V1.9, so you may get a better experience than before. We never conducted any kind of testing with this TV in our lab so we are not certain (your miles may vary).

Hi TVersity,

after adding my private SamsungProfile after each Update into the profiles.xlm my Samsung TV now works "out of the box"! Thank you. All the things I used to stream to my TV work now: Photos, Music, Yahoo Favorites and Subcriptions.

The thing I never got work and still not works on the Samsung TV: streaming Internet-RSS (like the NASA Hubblcast and others) do not work: "invalid filetyp" (but the status on the TVersity Server tells me, that ist is downloading in some small %-numbers).

Thanks for the feedback, hope we can address that somehow in the future when we somehow get a TV for testing. ... /setup.exe

Samsungs PC Share Manager

t has to work on the tv perfectly…if not i have to use my normal sat-receiver, again.