Screen Server Not Working

I just installed Screen Server 1.1. My TV (Vizio) sees the server fine but when I try to run the file it creates it says “File Unsupported”.
I have Media Server Pro installed for several years as well and it works fine with no issues.
Any suggestions?

Vizio TVs are not officially supported and hence not guaranteed to work. What model is it?

You can try selecting a specific device from the settings page that is similar in supported formats to the TV and see if it works better.

The model is P702ui-B3.

I have tried all the different devices.

I know Vizio is not officially supported but if Media Server works 100% with my Vizio, why wouldn’t Screen Server work?
I thought it was based on the same platform as Media Server.

Based on other users comments, I think you have a bug or some other issue preventing Screen Server from working.
The error “File Unsupported” I get on the screen seems to be a transcoding issue of some sort. How can an mpg file be unsupported? Maybe it needs to create another file type?

Just don’t understand how media server works with all file types without issue and Screen Server can’t process an mpg file.

So I am now attempting to stream to my PS3 which is officially “supported”.

When I select Screen Server I get the error “The folder could not be accessed”.

Also, I get the following Server Messages:

Error - Decoder ({E8E73B6B-4CB3-44A4-BE99-4F7BCB96E491}) for Audio format PCM is not present

Error - Could not start transcoding for dshow://868A9754-6988-4117-AADD-98DDDE9A951F?fps=30

So it seems like I answered my own question.

Since one of the errors was about the PCM audio format, I went into the ffdshow audio settings and enabled all the PCM codecs in the Mixer section. Once I did that Screen Server worked fine with no issues. Even running at 1920x1080.

So if you are getting a “File Unsupported” error running Screen Server, check the Server Messages and see if the errors have anything to do with you audio settings.

It seems like the support people in this forum would rather just tell you your device is not “Officially Supported” rather than try and help you fix your problem.

Good Luck to all …

Thanks for posting. Yes it appears that indeed PCM codecs in ffdshow need to be enabled. We will look into automatically enabling them during installation.