Settings for PS3

I am running tversity on a windows 7 pc and connecting wirelessly with a PS3. All systems/programs are using the latest updates. I have tversity set to start up when windows starts.
When tversity is first connected to the PS3 everything works well as it should.
But If I turn the PS3 off or go to PlaysTV mode, when I return to the video section, tversity no longer appears. I search for media servers but it doesn’t show up (another server, windows media server is always there).
The only way I seem to be able to get tversity to reappear is to reboot the pc and then tversity shows up.Then I turn off the PS3 and tversity goes again.
Sometimes (and only sometimes), if I search for media servers again, tversity shows up.

Are there some settings I need to adjust in tversity so that the PS3 will always pick up tversity?
Thanks for advice.

For everyone have troubles with a new installed routers:
Can you check if you router have internal firewall?
Try switch it off.
IF it helps you should manually update the firewall with the new rules.

Not sure what’s up. IS the TVersity service actually running when this fails: when you fire up the TVersity GUI, does it let you look at your Library or does a broken connection icon appear at the top center of the window?..

Taskmanager shows that tversity.exe is running as is a service Tversity media server.
I can see the library etc ok in Tversity.
Sometimes if I stop and restart the service in the GUI, Tversity reappears on the PS3 - but his is only sometimes.
I have recently installed an ASUS router - RT N56U - and the problem has become more frequent than it was when using my old router (A Netgear one).
Thanks for your interest.

As far as I can see, Tversity is running. When I look in windows taskmanager, tversity.exe is running and there is a tversity media server service running. In the gui, I can see the library etc.

I have tried stopping and restarting the server (in Tversity GUI) and sometimes this restores it to the PS3, others not.

Don’t know if this is important but I am using a (new) ASUS RT N56U router> Previously I was using a Netgear router and the problem still occurred but not as frequently.

Thanks for your help

I am about to give up on this as I am going from bad to worse.
If I do a fresh install of Tversity then run on the PS3, it shows up and works - no problems. Then I switch to playtv, watch that for a bit and go back to try and run Tversity but it no longer appears as a server. I have searched for servers, turned the PS3 on and off, rebooted the pc countless times but I can’t get tversity to show up a a server. The only way I can get it to show up is to do a fresh install and then it is ok till I use playtv again.
I have also uninstalled java and reinstalled it a couple of time too but that doesn’t help.
Does anyone have any ideas?

I am having somewhat similar problem. Running 7 ultimate x64 wired to ps3 using dlink dir-655 router and it will take ten minutes for tversity or my computer to show up on ps3 no matter what i do, ie: restarts/ reboots of ps3/computer whatever, it just seems to take ten minutes for it to pick it up and once it does it works fine. I have UPnP available on ps3 and router and I was thinking that all would be good. Basically if I watch tversity and once I see it sees the ps3 then i look at tv then the ps3 sees tversity. I have not been able to set anything differently to make this better. Have not tried to set any static IPs or anything like that, everything is set to auto, does anybody think that would help?

My setup works, just takes time so I prepare for when I know I am going to use it.

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Thanks for your replies guys, I’m new to PS3, used to be a fan of Xbox before but decided to give it a try

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