Showing VOB files in PS3

Hi all, i just purchaced TVersity for sole puropse of playing my big bang TV shows, I will lay out steps i did here, I own the DVD set for season one, I also have DVDFab which I used to do a custom vob rip so that i could rip each episode into its own folder of VOBs, I know they work as i can watch the vobs on my media center pc in the living room however i got TVersity for my PS3 in the bedroom, it cannot play thoses VOB files and I cannot figure out why, it seens like tversity can play other VOB files from some of my other movies folders but just not ones i ripped from big bang, reason i want the VOB is for the subtitle options as I am hearing impaired and like having option of turning subtitles on or off, if anyone has tried this method and gotten it to work please share info, TY