/Sigh Purchased faulty software?

Pretty much purchased the Pro version since I figured what the hell, but it won’t work for what I actually NEED it for?

I got a new 3D Tv, started downloading tons of 3D movies in FULL SBS 30-40Gbs.

I got a Intel i7 4.9Ghz (If that matters)

Connected through Lan (If that matters)

PS3 & Tversity Pro

Every codec pack you can think if - Full K-Lite Codec Pack, Haali Media Splitter, AVISythe, etc.

I can’t get a single 3D Movie to play on the PS3 though, they open fine on every player, but won’t stream on any of my systems or even smart T.v

That is why I got Tversity hoping it would fix the issue, but nope, still don’t work.

PS3 gives me Media not supported on every 3D Movie, and on WMP, Tveristy, PMS, etc.

What gives? I’m trying hard here just want to see a 3D Movie.