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Today, for the first time. my siriusXMStreamer will not log in using my credentials. It says user name and password are wrong. However, I can still log in to the native site with them. Anyone else having this issue.


[quote="hkmaurer"]Today, for the first time. my siriusXMStreamer will not log in using my credentials. It says user name and password are wrong. However, I can still log in to the native site with them. Anyone else having this issue.

Sirius changed something on their site again. I’m working on it…


I have released a new version (1.5.1) that addresses Sirius’s new logon changes. Please use the “Check for Updates” feature of the application, or visit the website ( to download.


Sirius US, Sirius Canada, or XM? Are you able to log in through the web player?[/quote]

I have it working again. Apparently when I signed up for Sirius Internet it was a 2 month trial. They failed to renew it even though my account looked current on their site. I do not recall anything about it being a trial offer. They started it back up after I called about the login problem at the exact same rate.

SiriusStreamer 1.1.9 will not work anymore, because Sirius changed their logon process. You need to grab the latest version either via the “Check for Updates” option in the app, or from the website at
If you still have trouble after updating, let us know.


Its running just fine. Im listening to it right now. Later versions won’t run on my machine.[/quote]
Ummm… have you restarted it recently? If not, I wouldn’t, because that version broke back on January 29th.
If you’re using TVersity to serve the information, using MMS and ASX may provide better results. As for your PS3 problem, I don’t have a PS3, so I can’t really help you with TVersity, but here’s a method using PS3 Media Server: … f=6&t=5071


OK, I’ve read all four pages of this thread and I still don’t see anyone that has posted “these are the settings that work with TVersity”. I’m usually pretty smart about these things, but I feel like I have tried every possible permutation of settings, but still have not accomplished my goal. I ultimately want to see my Sirius channels in XBMC. I am hoping that I can bypass TVersity, but if it is required, that’s OK. But it seems to me that XBMC should be able to pull right from the streams as well.

I have made .strm files for a few channels with entries such as , etc, etc., but alas, that has not worked. I actually think it might be an XBMC problem, in which case I may be barking up the wrong forum. But then again, maybe not. Because I have had very little success getting it to work in TVersity too.

So, just what settings do you use in SiriusXMStreamer? How did you create your feed (there are several options) in SiriusXMStreamer? And then, how did you create the feed in TVersity? Or if you are using XBMC, how did you create the feed there too?

By the way, I am using the version, and it does connect OK (when I choose a channel in SiriusXMStreamer, it does play correctly.

Thanks in advance.

[quote="maxshiff"]Hi all,

Since upgrading to version, I am getting the following error:

Does anyone know what could cause this or how to get around it?

All I’ve done is specified the credentials (which DO work on the Sirius web media player), and then tried to start it up.

Is that with automatic start up? If you start the server manually, does it work?


EDIT: I can’t figure out how to PM on these forums. If possible, can you either PM me or email me at the address on the SiriusXMStreamer website?

My cable company recently upgraded my modem supposedly the new one is 42% faster. I now suspect that is the reason that SiriusXMStreamer is failing to start . This is the error "invalid login please check user name and password" them "server failed to start" ? I did not change my login or password, as it was working fine a few days ago. Any ideas?

What version number is showing on the title bar? I’m not sure why a modem change would cause a login problem unless it’s not able to talk to Sirius for some reason.


Ed, there is a setting in TVersity that limits how many RSS feeds it will load. The default it 15 and when you upgraded to 1.8, it must have reset the limit. You can change the setting to 0 and it will load all of the channels. Hope that helps!


Argh…I knew it was something easy. Thanks, Nick, found the setting for increasing the streams…SIRIUS now streaming back through my PS3 to the stereo.


Everything was working fine using Tversity 1.7.4 and SiriusXMStreamer, streaming the RSS feed through my PS3 and getting all the SIRIUS channels fine. Then I upgraded Tversity to 1.8 and suddenly I only can stream the first 15 SIRIUS channels to my PS3. Using the Tversity GUI through my browser, I can only see the first 15 SIRIUS channels. I’m thinking it is so simple I am missing something, but can’t figure it out. I haven’t changed the Streamer settings; I’m using MMS/ASX as before, can see all the SIRIUS channels in the Streamer, but can’t stream them all through Tversity?!!? So I uninstalled 1.8 and went backwards and I’m having the same issue.



Try Options->Refresh Channel Lineup…


I did, before I posted here.

The Talk radio section has no 165 :(

[quote="lizardkng71"]I did, before I posted here.

The Talk radio section has no 165 :([/quote]
It doesn’t look like 165 is available for online listening. If Sirius|XM don’t offer online streaming for a particular channel, SiriusXMStreamer can’t offer that channel for listening.

Ah I see, i wasn’t aware that some channels weren’t available online. :)

Try Options->Refresh Channel Lineup…


That looks like it took care of the issue, I re copied “the all channels url” and renamed it and now I’m seeing all the stations.
I used MMS and set TVersity feed manager to 0 (enter 0 for unlimited items per feed) I also set the next box Refreshing internet feeds to 150 that may be overkill? But Thanks my wife is now going to think I’m the new TechGuy as she can now access Sirius on our surround sound system, and everyone has to like almost commercial fee radio. Now if I could only find a way to get a iTunes playlist to show on TVersity.

I found this, dont know if it will help or not…as I dont yet know how to do what youre doing. (nor have I tried) ... f=6&t=5071

need some help
i am using a ps3 and it shows all the streams for sirius
but when i choose one
i keep getting an error that says the folder has been removed
any ideas :?:


I’ve been tinkering with SiriusXMStreamer and Tversity to try to get Sirius playing on my PlayStation3, but I’ve had limited success. I get to the point where all of my Sirius channels appear on the PS3, however when I try to play one of them, an error appears that it could not play it, and that the content may have been removed from the media server.

This is how my SiriusXMStreamer is setup (logins removed):

Once I login, it appears as follows:

Now … when I go to COPY URL in the screenshot above, what do I choose? ASX? MMU? M3U? How do I know?

I actually tried ALL of them, but it never seems to work. This is what my TVersity looks like — did I add it in the right place?

I’ve tried playing around with the HTTP / MMS and ASX / M3U settings, but have not been able to find a configuration that works. I also don’t know whether each change needs me to refresh the TVersity Media library. It’s hard to do trial n’ error, as my TVersity takes about an hour to complete the refresh due to my huge media collection, so I am not sure what to do.

Am I supposed to put in the local IP address of my TVersity Media Server along with IP address? Should it be .MP3 or .WAV? What is the difference? How about the checkmark for using it for streams / playlists / feeds? Everything I’ve read here seems to indicate that it SHOULD be checked, but have not been able to figure out a winning combination.

Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated!!