Slow streaming after xbox update


After updating my xbox to dashboard version 2.0.15574.0, the streaming of large files (while transcoding) is very slow, causing the video to has some lag. Before the update, I was streaming large mkv files with external subtitles without any problem at all. I didn’t change anything to my PC, the problem started just after updating xbox (I watched a movie before that and I tried to watch one right after the update and discovered the problem).

I was running tversity 1.9.7, so I thought to update to 2.3, which I just did (I purchased a licence), but the problem remains.

Any ideas?

I can also report this issue. I have 2 Xboxes in my house, one that hasn’t received the new update and one that has. (this happened when MS introduced the updated Metro UI with Internet Explorer)
The newer 360 update has the same issue, while my older 360 runs the same video perfectly.

I’ve tried stepping the resolution down, trying different codecs and as the guy above said upgraded Tversity to 2.3 Pro however no change.
Currently using WMP11 w/ klite codec pack installed
Gb LAN running to both devices so it can’t be a network issue…

The best I can get is a jittery image with out of sync audio.

I can echo this. I’ve got both an pre-update and post-update xbox. The former plays HD/mkv content fine. The latter stutters occasionally, has slight audio sync issues running WMV8. Moving to ffdshow with AC3 filter as per pushed the audio sync issue out to a 10-15 second gap with smooth(ish) video and clear audio. Using ffdshow on its own causes stuttering.

It can’t be a network issue as both are on Gb LAN, even my PS3 on wifi can pull it perfectly fine (granted without transcoding where the issue seems to lie…)

quad core VM running Tversity (2.67GHz, 4GB of DDR3 1333MHz RAM with an almost bare install of WinXP)