[SOLVED] GACCCKKKK Wii 240023 error

Hi all,

I had Tversity free working under windows Vista and it was fine.
I decided to upgrade to the Pro Server after I had upgraded to Windows 7 and was reinstalling all my apps.
At first TVersity wouldn’t talk to anything, but found out Windows firewall was on.
So I fixed that minor mistake (I use a 3rd part firewall, so no need for both).

Now my laptop is more than happy to connect to TVersity using the Wireless connection on my router (flashlib or medialib/browse). (My machine being the TVersity server is on a normal ethernet connection into the same router).
My Wii using the same wireless connection however still refuses to even see that it’s there. the infamious 240023 error.
URL used on my laptop or the Wii is the exact same

For TVersity’s status it doesn’t even recognise (the Wii) has tried to connect (Whereas the laptop shows up in the status as connected).
Wii browser was updated from the online shop 2 days ago, still no difference.
I tried changing my network settings on the Wii to tell it my router ( was also the DNS server, still no go.
Internet on the Wii works fine.

I’m at my wits end trying to figure this one out.
Any thoughts and suggestions greatfully appriciated.


I’d say temporarily disable ALL firewalls, just to say you tested the problem that way once…

Done, all firewalls, AV, antispyware disabled.
Unfortunately the same result.
(The laptop funnily enough carried on streaming through my reboots of the tversity server without a hitch, but yes wouldn’t take much to stream a TV episode over wireless.)
I’ve also tried machine name. Laptop takes 3-4 seconds to resolve it, then it’s fine. Wii gives the same 240023 error.

I don’t mind checking simple things or rechecking what I’ve already checked. I’ve been trying to get this going for over 2 weeks since I got my computer replaced after the earthquake.
About the only thing I’ve not done is connect the Wii directly to the router (wired connection).
BUT the way I see it is if the Wii can bring up google using the same wireless connection my laptop does, it “should” be able to bring up tversity.

Next weekend I’ll have a PS3 to test with as well.

Yes, I opened both UDP and TCP ports 41952 on the router.
DLink DSL604T is my router (wired and wireless) and both the Wii and the laptop connect wireless directly to it (using their internal NIC’s).
The TVersity server connects wired to the same DSL604T.


I found a bridge filter in the router specifically denying the Wii’s Mac address.
So for the local network the Wii could not see a thing, but was allowed on the internet.
At least now the website comes up on the browser.

I KNEW it had to be something stupid I was overlooking.
Thanks mike for your suggestions.

viewtopic.php?f=29&t=9248 ends with turning off the Windows firewall. Did you try that yet?...

Hi Mike,

Yes I did.

[quote=“telsum”]At first TVersity wouldn’t talk to anything, but found out Windows firewall was on.
So I fixed that minor mistake (I use a 3rd part firewall, so no need for both).[/quote]

Currently the only firewall running is Comodo (And the laptop can connect to TVersity and stream through it fine), so I’m pretty sure it’s setup right.

TCP Port 41952 must be open through the router or else the laptop wouldn’t work either. What are you using to wirelessly connect the Wii? Can you attach it to the laptop (turn off the laptop’s internal NIC) and see if the laptop carries on like it has been doing?..