Sony BDP S370 not seeing Tversity


I had been using the free version of Tversity for a while with a PS3 and everything was working perfectly. I recently purchased the pro version to show my appreciation:)

I have just gotten a Sony BDP S370 and it does not see the Tversity Server. Is there any way to fix this?

I have installed Twonky and Wild Media Server and these are both picked up by the S370 perfectly so I don’t think it is an issue with the player or the network connection.


Sony’s DLNA products seem to have an aversion to working with TVersity. My new S570 doesn’t work either. Hopefully a fix will come someday before the competition wins out…

That’s what I thought but the wierd thing is that the Sony Playstation 3 picks it up no problem. You would think they would use the same tech!

never mind - just moved everything over to Twonky instead

ah well!

is there a free media server program that would work with this bluray player???

Serviio works well.