Sony Playstation Vita

Ok so… the Vita is out now and i’m surprised to see no one has posted about it yet on here…

Has anyone tried to stream TVersity to the Vita?

Is it going to be possible?

Has a nice 5" screen, i’d love to see this working :)

Newer tested.

Any answer to this?

I just setup the pro version and i was able to get it working with the vita with these settings:

media playback device must be set to
Sony psp

all the files must be already converted to vita format, else you get a generic Vita error C2-13240-0

no streaming, this works similarly to the psp, which is a bit of a shame cause i really wanted to stream hulu. I didn’t test audio or pictures because i’m only interested in video.

It works really well. Better then the psp because even though it still does not stream the videos, it downloads them in the background. set the playback to psp 2.6 or better and reconvert the files. set the folders to never convert. then they will just download when you click on the links.