Streaming music through Wii

Hi - I wonder if anybody can help me.
I have set up Tversity and can access all of my music from my PC, through my Wii and can play it through my TV and surround sound system. That’s fine, but I can only play one track at a time, not like playing tracks one after the other on a CD or even playing “All” in WMP. However, once I have played the track once, it will automatically then go to the next track as expected. To be able to set up and then have music one track after the other in my current set up I need to play all of my music tracks once, this could take months.
Have I missed something in the set up?
Would appreciate any help on this.

Easiest way around this is to make up different playlists that you like on your PC, and have TVersity add them to your library. You then simply pick the playlist with your Wii, and then it will play the songs listed in the order that you would like. Sadly there is no way to do this from the Wii directly.

The easiest way around this is to make different lists as the computer, and add them to your TVersity library. You can then simply choose a playlist with the Wii, and then play the songs listed in the order you want. Unfortunately, you can not do it directly to Wii.

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