Streaming to Kindle Fire

Has anyone have success getting it to stream to the Kindle Fire?

I have the Pro version which supports Android 3+, but the Fire is based on Android 2 OS.
I sideloaded nswplayer to try to play the video stream as suggested in this topic but that doesn’t do on-the-fly encoding. I even sideloaded Dolphin HD browser and change the user-agent to match an android 3.0 device, but that just downloads the video.

I’m willing to root my Kindle to watch the stream, if anyone has advice on where to start that would be helpful.

Does the fire support flash, or can you get it to support flash?

I recently purchased a asus transformer prime. I couldn’t get it to access my rss streams but could access everything else.

Try accessing your local device running pro @ see if it works(mine ended up working for everything). Try reading my posts and trying everything I did…maybe one of the other methods will work for you :)

Hi, I recently had success in watching movies on my Kindle Fire, connecting via my PC’s IP address, the port number then \flashlib, but now for some reason it won’t connect to the Media Server on my pc…

I’ve tried all things but no joy.

If anybody else has any answers,we would both greatly appreciate it.