Subtitle Support

I can’t believe there is no subtitle support without going through a ton of different things. This should be built in with the install considering it is pay only software. PS3 Media Server has it right out of the box, and that’s free. The only reason I even gave tversity a try was so I could stream to my phone, since there isn’t a DLNA player for it, but without subtitle support the program is less useful than the built in Windows Media Sharing service.

The worst part is, I spent 3 hours trying tutorial after tutorial out of the forums trying to get subtitles to work, which if I pay for the software I shouldn’t have to do anyway, but even after all that, subtitles still don’t work.

Now don’t get me wrong, if proper subtitle support is added I would absolutely come back and use tversity over PS3 Media server in a heartbeat, just so that I can play transcoded video on my phone.

TVersity not a beta version and it working well if it properly configured.
There are most of common and known features implemented and working.
Some of the features are not yet implemented and /or decided do not implement the now.

Regarding the subtitles:
We are not providing support for subtitles files in end-user versions of TVersity.
To support subtitle files you should config ffdshow for this.
In the ffdshow Video decoder configuration go to subtitles and enable subtitle and subtitles files check boxes under subtitles.

Totally agree ! TVersity is neither a beta or a free app ! It’s very frustrating to pay for a non-working software…