Suggestions 'RoundUp' of top rss feeds/podcasts available?


 I'm new to the rss video feed/podcast stuff. Am completely in  the dark about where to find good content (I know it's REAL subjective).

A while back, before I became overwhelmed with frustration trying to figure out how to add feeds, ect to tversity (am using xbox 360 extender btw), I’d found a post on this forum with a basic list of suggested content providers; but it seemed pretty limited.

 I'm looking for mostly geek/tech-type stuff, as well as war/military footage and documentaries (not what most would consider entertainment now a days....

ONLY FREE NON PREMIUM CONTENT (I do, however own the PRO version of tversity, but will NOT pay for the content - comcast is already setting me back $150+/mo!)

*****A) Is there any video feed/podcast content that deals with INSTRUCTIONAL/TUTORIAL/TIPS, ect working with media extenders, streaming content, working with media libraries, ect???

B) Software/computer how-to and tutorial stuff (especially photoshop/lightroom , photography; GENERAL windows/mac os x tips?)

C) Military/War footage and documentaries


E) Internet trends, ect

I know the odds of getting any responses are slim, especially related to specific content.
—> At least point towards any comprehensive ‘index/round up’ of THE BEST OF what’s available???


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