Transcoder mp4 codec

I am creating a profile for Android devices, but I’m having trouble with the mp4 format that the transcoder uses. For Android devices, video should be h264 avc with aac audio. The transcoder returns files in mp4 format, but they do not play on my devices. So what codec does the transcoder use and is their a way to change it?

Android supported media formats:

Only Pro version support encoding to H.264. You can use the iPhone profile as is on Android devices as long as you have Android 4.x - no real need to create a separate profile.

I actually created an Android app for accessing TVersity servers and users are reporting that some videos won’t play on their devices; that is why I wanted to create a profile for them to use. I guess I can provide this profile for users with older devices or those who have the free version of TVersity, and use the iPhone profile as the default.

Which Android app is it?

It is called TVersity Player and is available on Google Play.

We are really glad you have created this app but we have to ask you to rename it such that the word TVersity is excluded from it. You are basically in violation of copyright and trademark law when you use it.

We are getting inquires from users asking us about it and we cannot have them confused with respect to its affiliation with us. We would like to ask you to make this change nicely, instead of contacting Google Play store and report a trademark violation.

Thank you for your understanding,


I understand. I thought it would probably be all right since the app is free, but I can change it. Do you need me to change it immediately or can I do it when the next update is ready?

Also, is it ok if I use TVersity in the description of the app to let people know what it is used for?

We would appreciate it, if you can rename it sooner rather than later.

Yes you can use TVersity in the description, as long as you properly attribute it to TVersity Inc. and state that you are not affiliated with TVersity Inc. in a remark somewhere.

By the way once the name change is complete, please feel free to send an email to info at tversity so that we can discuss a possible collaboration.

It took a little longer than I wanted it to, but I’ve updated the app and changed the name.
It is now called CS Media Player and is once again on Google Play.

Cool, thank you.

Correction. CS Media Browser.