Transcoding Flash Doesn't Work

While I know there are numerous issues with transcoding to iPhone, it seems the #1 issue with transcoding Flash is that Tversity SIMPLY DOESN’T DO IT.

It transcodes fine when sending the stream to a 360 or PS3, but when sent to the iPhone it does NOT send a recognizable stream.

I’m wondering if anyone has found a solution?

I’m about 2 steps from hacking the YouTube app and pointing it to Hulu instead… I think it might actually work.

I have the same issue… Ive tried every possible hack, fix, forum, codec,and I cant get the Iphone 3GS to transcode the HULU Streams to my iphone.

Im running Windows 2003 Server, Windows Media Player 11, SP2, Tversity Installed, DirectX9c.

I also do my testing from a PC to see if its the IPhone but it just seems that the TVersity has a miss configuration using the wrong codecs…or something
I go to… http://localhost:xx/iphone and I see it starts the stream but stays at 0%

I get the following three errors.

Error - Cannot encode live streams to mp4, since this format requires the entire conversion to end prior to streaming
Error - Skipping decoded video buffer since its size too small, buffer 921600, frame 1699568761
Error - Could not start transcoding for … %3Depisode

I want to try and make this work but im giving up… after I heard that is coming out with an IPhone App and they dont have any of these issues even with the H20 DVRs… long time fan of this tversity but I think they have reached a limitation.

I installed 1.8 free, not yet ready to try the Pro version till I take this one for a test drive, and during the install I did NOT let it install Tversity’s codec pack.

Instead I used KLite FULL codec pack with default install settings. After installing I adjusted the H.264 setting in FFDSHOW video decoder config to use the ‘libavcodec’. A few FLV’s I have that were downloaded from a couple highly prominent video websites worked a treat.

My only confusion was that I though the transcoding was literally "on the fly"? I was unable to play while the transcoding was taking place like I can with Playon and Air Video. With Tversity I have to wait until the whole video files transcoding completes before I can start playing it. Is that normal?

Also adding a my Youtube account in my library and watching those videos on the fly does work. Though I noted that Tversity seems to download those directly from Youtube as my local webaddress in Tversity had an MP4 extension and streams them without the need to transcode.

Anyway simply stating "Flash doesn’t work’ is not completely a correct statement.