True streaming to iPhone? (using TVersity free)

I’m using the free version of Tversity 1.8. Everything is working fine with my other clients (DirecTV), buy video will not stream to the iPhone.

Every video I try to play on my iPhone 4 under Safari either fails or has to store the entire video locally (on the phone) before it plays. I read elsewhere that transcoding for the iPhone was only available in the paid edition of TVersity, so I re-encoded some short videos to MP4 specs that match the iPhone profile. These do not transcode (according to the TVersity GUI’s ‘status’ display) but Safari still reads the entire file onto the iPhone before playing.

In other words, I can’t get the iPhone’s Safari browser to truly stream any videos, with or without transcoding. What techniques have been found to do this? Is there another TVersity client for the iPhone?


Hi dhovel,
You need last pro version to stream and transcode video to iPhone.
Only native video, supported by iPhone can be streamed with a free version.
Use the last TVersity version.

Best regards,

this is such a cool way to get streaming on ipod,that’s mean safari is helping browser for streaming,

Will TVerisity be putting out an iphone app design for the iphone so you don’t have to use Safari? Also with the Pro version, what types of video can you stream to the iphone? What would be the fastest yet still have good quality for the iphone?