TVersity and "Chromecast with Google TV"

I know how to stream my TVersity content to a Chrome web browser on my laptop and PC, but I just bought the new “Chromecast with Google TV” dongle and would like to know how to stream to that as well. There are options for Plex, Emby and so on in the Chromecast w/GTV setup function, but I couldn’t find one for TVersity. How can I make NTVersity show up alongside all the other streaming options?

I believe the “Chromecast with Google TV” is an Android TV device. We do not offer an Android app, however you can push content to that device from the Chrome browser just like you could push it to any Chromcast enabled device. Just go to Chrome and open the standard TVersity web based interface, you can use the cast icon to play content on a Chromcast device instead of on the browser.