Tversity doesn't "see" DSM 510

Hi there,

Can anybody help me? Just bought a DSM 510 and i’m having same troubles in setting up correctly the device.
First, it was the wireless connection. Gave up on that and now i’m using a good old fashioned network cable. Then i used Windows Media Player 11 to share my media content. No problems here. DSM 510 detected the server and things went OK, except for subtitles. It doesn’t support them. So after same internet research i came across Tversity.
But i can’t seem to get Tversity and DSM 510 “talking” to each other. The exception is created in Windows Firewall (both for the executable file and the TCP port), the media service is running with no problems, stopped Media Player 11 sharing, tried several configuration in Tversity but… nothing.

Regards from Portugal,

Anyway, thanks for the advice.
Nobody else for some hints??? :(

The TCP Port getting through the firewall is the USUAL suspect, so recheck that.

Borrowing a laptop to attach where your player is and using TCPing to see if Port 41952 is really open might help…

Don’t need to go that far. Used the NETSTAT command… the TCP port is oppened and associated with Tversity Media Server PID.

I am running Tversity on Vista and I have to "Stop Sharing" and "Start Sharing" for my DSM 510 to be seen. If this is any help… ce

Well, if you don’t hear any other suggestions, I’d still test with TCping.

“Clear all the way through to a given device” may not be one of Netstat’s criteria for success…

Being UPnP I can drive the DSM-750 without a media server. I can play .mkv on the DSM-750 from a USB drive attached to the 750. When I crank up the G600, .mkv do not show up in the directory listing where they live. DivX show up and can be played without a problem. Does anybody know of a firmware update to add Matroska to the G600 UPnP?

Thanks… ce