TVersity PRO vanishes from PS3


I just bought TVersity pro having seen that I could no longer download a free version for my new virtual media server. I bought this ‘knowing’ that I had no issues previously with my previous physical server and the free version of TVersity.

Now the problem I am having is that after a while TVersity vanishes from the PS3 Menu; as if there are no media servers. However, my free edition on my physical server is still there running happily on the PS3. I have disabled the physical server from sharing just to see if that was causing an issue but still get that problem.

I am running Server 2008 R2 on both the virtual and physical server. Why on earth would the free edition work flawlessly and the pro paid edition not? The only way to get round this is to reboot the server every time. Can someone please explain why this is happening and how I overcome this as at the moment its £13 not well spent.

Thanks in Advance.