Tversity problem

ive been trying to get this program working and i cant seem to get it right. I have been testing it on different pcs,psp, and my samsung vibrant (galaxy s) and i don’t think its working correctly. When i try it on other pcs it goes through a 40 second download thing in my browser then when i click on it the video starts. And that’s fine and all if it takes 30 or 40 seconds to get my video but when i try using my Samsung vibrant it goes straight into downloading a file almost 2 gigs big and transfers around 3mb a second which isn’t bad but i was under the impression that this program streams files to a device. And when i do try and encode a video it doesn’t stream while encoding so im confused is the program suppost to be this way or am i doing something wrong. I hear ppl making comments they can transcode and have the video streaming so im not really sure whats going on. Also when i try and look at videos from my psp it wont even bring up the ip address with my port. It just says cannot open. So im just really confused cause i don’t feel like things are being streamed to my devices it feels more like its being transferred thank you and i appreciate the help.

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