TVersity recognizes movie files, not audio files

Dear folks at TVersity,

I started testing your software a couple of days ago, and so far I’m very pleased with it. In my opinion it’s superior to Twonky Manager which I’ve been using for a few months because it retains the file structure I have on my computer. I have a hard wired link between the computer to my Oppo BDP-93, via a D-Link router. The Oppo is hitched up to a 2010 Panasonic plasma TV.

Now the strange thing is that while TVersity recognises my video material (avi, mkv etc), and plays everything perfectly, it doesn’t recognise anything in the audio file folders (which contain 16 bit flac). Since Twonky Manager doesn’t have that problem - it both sees and plays audio files in flac format - then I expect there’s a problem with TVersity.

I’ve read the ‘get started quickly’ information, gone through the FAQs, searched the forums here, but have drawn a blank. Searches for phrases like “flac” or “won’t read flac” don’t help I’m afraid.

I probably haven’t given you enough information, so feel free to ask any questions you want.

If I can get this issue solved, I’ll buy the pro edition!

Dog’s dinner

Seems like an issue came up lately…


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