Tversity shuts down and won't connect the moment I start it

Tversity shuts down and won’t connect the moment I start it. I have uninstall and reinstalled several times, but with no luck. I have the free version, however if it wor’t work, then I definitely will not upgrade to the pro.

Typically some security software can block it from starting. Can you look into that?

Otherwise, please enable logging, reproduce the issue and send us the logs. With this additional info, we should be able to tell what went wrong.

Here is how to enable logging:

Unfortunately, when I start the server, it can’t connect and I can’t access the program. I have been using the same anti-virus for the longest without a problem.

So, how can I enable logging if I can’t access the program?

The link I provided in my previous post describes how to enable logging. Can you try it?