Tversity & windows 10 admin accounts

Hi All
I had win7 and everything was working perfectly under MY admin account, then I upgraded to Win10 keeping all admin settings the same and now when I try to use a network nas drive it tells me that I have to have specific admin rights to access network drives.

And before you all send me to faq I have already looked at the faq and it doesn’t help me at all.

Anyone with ideas or suggestions?


PS I have the latest tversity software

You need to make sure access to the network drive is possible without authentication. If the first time you try to access that drive after reboot, it asks for a password, this is going to be an issue. Can you check that?

No password is set on the network drive. This network attachment has not been an issue with windows 7 but now on windows 10 it IS a problem. Which leads me to believe that it has something to do with Microsoft has changed administration settings in windows 10 that is preventing your program to allow network drives from linking to your software.

Please find a solution

It is a configuration issue in Windows 10. Please see:

Followed Instructions but still will not allow network drive to be accessed by your software

We have shared network drives on Windows 10 without issues, once it is configured properly. I really can’t add anything to what I said before, other than the fact that it is a Windows 10 configuration issue and/or NAS configuration issue.

One more thing, you are using the UNC path right? Network drive letter are not supported at all (on any Windows version).

Yes I am using the right UNC path correctly but still asking me to log in as an administrator which I already am.

This is an issue with your software and windows 10 which you need to fix

No, the issue is due to the fact that it is asking for a password. You must reach a point where a password is not asked, otherwise TVersity cannot access it. Moreover the password should not be asked when using the account under which the TVersity service is running. If you set it all up correctly, it will work.

Then explain to me why it worked correctly and without incident in win7. I never had this issue and yet the account on the nas drive hasn’t been changed or configured differently for win10

Windows 10 changes default behavior on certain aspects and this is one of them. This is why I keep saying that it is a configuration issue with Windows 10.

If this is the case then explain the “FIX” to enable your program to run properly like it did in win7. I have looked at all possible solutions to no avail so as I said, you need to update and fix your program to reflect the changes from the update to win10. I’ve spent money on this program and I think I’m justified in receiving a solution from your company either from an update or by explaining what needs to be done in win10 to make things work again!

What does not work at this point? Can you describe it in details?

As I have already explained, I am trying to allow a NAS network drive to be setup in Tversity. When I press ok I get the following message:

“Content source does not exist or is not currently accessible. If this is a mapped network drive or a UNC pathname, you will need to change the log-on account of the media sharing service to some user with administrator rights (click to learn more).”

Under windows 7 it just allowed me to use the admin account and without any problems allowed access through your program. Now, no matter what I do, I keep getting this message in windows 10.

I have even created a separate administrator account and still this message appears.

Once again, nothing has changed between Windows 7 and 10 in this regard. The same requirement holds, i.e. the user under which TVersity runs needs to be able to access the NAS without authentication. In Windows 7 you had it configured properly and the Windows 10 installation undid that configuration so you need to re-do it.

I didn’t configure anything in windows 7. I just pointed to the nas directory folder and it just worked and now it doesn’t!

Network drive access always required configuration by TVersity. Your Windows 7 system happened to have been configured already in the right way but this is actually the exception. This is why we have the link in the error message that you get with instructions how to fix it. Unless you are willing to go over those instructions we won’t be able to assist ans we really want to help and resolve this issue for you.

I’ve done everything in the link by creating a new account and making it an administration account but even that account will not allow network access to the NAS drive.

I cannot delete login details for the NAS as it requires log in details to work.

The way to get it to work without login is to create the same exact user name on the NAS and on Windows. When you do that, authentication will be skipped.

Windows 10 requires that all accounts are linked to their Microsoft account. The NAS drive will not allow any characters other than Alphanumeric characters and therefore using an email username is not allowed as it is allowed in windows 10.