Tversity & windows 10 admin accounts

This is not something we can help you with. TVersity requires access to NAS without authentication or else it cannot support that NAS.

Hi There,
I find myself in much the same situation. I have Windows 10, when trying to add files/folders to the server I receive the content source is not available or inaccessible error in Tversity V3.8 I’ve gone through this thread, ensured that the registry was edited to allow unauthorized network shares as in the link above. My NAS does not require a password to access(tested after reboot, no login or password required), but I’ve ensured that the Tversity service is using my admin account and is enabled to logon as service. I do not have any special characters in my windows login as the user above, only letters. Please help, as I really like this program. I’ve just purchased a new version of Tversity, and I don’t want to have to return it and find something else to use, I haven’t found any other program that has all files visible and transcoding actually works. Below are details and specifics, and I can promise not to let my frustration show as did the other poster in this thread. I just want to solve this. Thanks in advance!


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NAS does not require password - no authentication required for access
Tversity service uses admin account (actually the only account on the PC)
PC and NAS have static IP, assigned by router IP reservation
Tversity server is visible on devices, I cannot add files/folders from WD MyCloud 4TB (onboard media server disabled)
I was using this drive with previous OS and Tversity version with no trouble
Tversity has been allowed in both windows firewall and AV firewall
I am using UNC path, both //ipaddress/sharename/path and //NASname/share/path without luck

Sorry for your trouble, we would love to help. Depending on your NAS you may need to have the same exact username on the NAS and on the PC and the TVersity log-on account may need to be running under that user. Can you look into that please?