Tversity with Ipad

Hi folks,

I just acquired a new Ipad and am trying to get tversity to stream media to it.

The version of Tversity I am using is

I have no trouble getting to the Tversity media page via Safari. However, once I select a video (I am testing with AVI files), Safari gives a message "Safare cannot download this file".

I have the following questions:

  1. Will Tversity not transcode AVI to Mp4? Do I need to upgrsde to v 1.8? Or is this in the Pro version only?
  2. Should I only be using Mp4 files? I.e. manually convert AVI’s to Mp4 before using Tversity?
  3. Will using a dlna client for Ipad (e.g plug player) solve this?
  4. Any other guidance?

Thanks for any help/info.


Ok, so I guess I found my answer here:

Ipad support is only available in the pro version. So far I have been very well served by teversity so I have no problems going to the pro version to get the additional ipad support.

Is the Safari browser different on the iPad compared with the iPhone? I wonder why it works on the iPhone but not on the iPad? I’ve got both and the browsers are a little bit different but I would think the code would be similar and it would read Internet pages the same. Do they have an ipad app development team that’s working on it?