Tversity working then stopped refreshing then just stopped

Recently my tversity wouldn’t update the folder i had the videos in. Went online noticed there was an update to 2.2, installed 2.2 then only the public shared folder showed up. The folder had one video in it worked on the xbox, I tried putting videos in there my xbox still refused to see the new videos. Uninstalled 2.2 and reinstalled it now i cant see any folders or files.

In which country do you reside?
United States

When approximately did you purchase your xbox? Do you have exact model number?
2 years ago

What firmware do you have?

Are you running TVersity 2.2? What version did you run before when it worked?
Currently running tversity 2.2. I’m not sure what version i was running installed it around march.

Does it happen with all videos or just some? Can you provide one such video for our testing? (you can use this service or other similar ones if the file is too big. Small files can be sent as attachments to our support mail box)
All videos now, it still sees the media center but not