Unable to See TVersity on Xbox 360

I’ve been at this for a couple of hours now and I have nothing…

I set up TVersity just today and my Xbox 360 just will not discover it.

Computer connected to router through wifi (I have tried a wired connection as well)
Xbox 360 connected to router with ethernet cable
Firewalls all have exceptions for TVersity Media Server
Ports are forwarded properly
WMP Network Sharing Service is disabled

I was having some problems getting my upnphost to start, but that’s over and done with. At least… it says it’s running now.
I also just noticed that UPnP Tester doesn’t see TVersity at all, and I haven’t the slightest idea as to why that might be.

Thanks for any help you can give. It’s greatly appreciated.

My Network Priorities are properly set, with my Wifi being at the top. Any other ideas?

Can you verify that TCP port 41952 is open? From one PC on your network, use TCPing from a command prompt to see if another PC responds over 41952…

On my laptop, I discovered a total of three wireless connections available, but the one I was using didn’t have the highest priority so I had to fix it. First suggestion is to check that…

I have this issue with my xbox 360 slim and tried all the above, in the end i changed the MEDIA PLAYBACK DEVICE to auto detect instead of Xbox 360 and my xbox detected TVersity.

So glad I found this post. I was going mad trying to figure out why I could see this in my logs:

Detected XBOX 360 at IP address:

And yet my XBox 360 would not be able to see TVersity. Soon as I switched the media playback device to auto detect, my Xbox started seeing TVersity again. Thanks a ton!!

Note to the developers: I see a lot of threads about this issue, maybe add some sort of warning in TVersity when you specify "Xbox 360" in that setting, it might not work!