Watching live football match on Wii?

I understand that the Wii Opera browser is unable to play live streams from Justin.TV etc because most websites now use Flash v10 whilst the Wii browser is "blocked" at Flash v7.

Is there any way of getting Tversity to "capture" a live football game feed and convert it to a Wii friendly format "on the fly"?

I would really like to watch tomorrow’s Liverpool v Everton game on the TV!

Many thanks.


Hi Arwel,

You can try to use TVUPlayer or Sopcast to watch the games on your computer and then use VLC and TVersity to stream the output to your Wii.
It works well, I haven’t tried to watch an entire game on my Wii though (I typically use my Xbox for that) and I heard of some Opera memory issues I guess you might have to restart your Wii at halftime ;)
You can see game listings online for Sopcast or TVUPlayer, it’s pretty easy to find.

Look at my website, I’ve some articles on how to use TVUPlayer ( … x-360.html) and Sopcast ( … x-360.html) with the Xbox 360 and I am working on similar articles for the Wii. If you look at the Xbox article I’m sure you can figure out how to make it work with your Wii as long as you get the TVUplayer and VLC part right, the rest is just connecting to TVersity with your Wii ( … nt-to.html).

I hope this helps.


I usually watch live match and don´t hung up, plus, they have good quality. However, it is not always easy to find a channel that broadcast the match complete and without system failures.