Weird playback problem

I have been using Tversity for a couple of years now, It always worked fine, but these last couple of weeks I have a weird playback problem. I have not changed any hardware for more then 1 year, I did not recently reinstall windows or changed to other codecs or installed anything related to video/sound playback.

I watch certain tv shows in Xvid format, and they have always worked without any problems. But the last couple of weeks when I watch something, it plays fine untill it starts to random stop en resume, and after a while the sound begins to stutter, en this gets worse and worse. I have transcode disabled, like I had for more then a year now, I changed and payed for the newest version, I had a old free version, but the problem is the same. If I restart the file it works fine for some time, but then after a while the problem comes back.

For 1 year I have the same computer, I have the same router, I have the same os Windows 7, and I’m watching the same videofiles, but all of a sudden I got this problem.

I have tried deleting the Tversity codec pack and installing the cccp one, but I still have the same problem, I have read some of the forum topics, checked my network options, I got two network cards, tried them both, switched of energy saving modes on both the cards. And tried some other stuff I read online, but everytime it comes back. So what is going on here?

The weird thing is, it does not do it with all my videos, so it is a mysterie for me :(