What am i doing wrong (iphone 3g + tversity)

I have an iphone 3g and tversity (free edition V. 1.9.3) I have tversity setup and working great thru my livingroom ps3 (wired connection) and my iphone feeds thru the wifi in the house thru my att ewire router.

In safari i entered the url

http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:41952/iphone (The xxx stuff being my ip address), yet it just keeps saying server has stopped responding.

One thing I noticed different is my ip address starts with a 2 digit number 99 (vs 3 digits) I tried it as just 99.XXX.XXX.XXX as well as 099.XXX.XXX but neither worked same error.

Do I need to do something in the actual program of tversity or ?

I am a dork, I figured it out, earlier i was just going to google and typed in what is my ip address, it gave me a number and that is what I was using, but i followed the directions in the tversity user guide going into my control panel / network area and used that ip address and it worked fine.

Sadly just realized i need to upgrade to the pro edition to view videos tho blah…

yeah, it would be nice if it told you you need to upgrade to the pro version on the setup page they have for videos, instead of letting you set it all up for it to tell you.
I thought there was a problem, but if everyone gets it, thatll be why.