What is wrong with Tversity?

I bought this application and half the time it doesn’t work. Not only can’t it play AVI files on my Xbox, but I have to reinstall it just to make it connect to servers. What gives?

There’s no answer to this in the FAQ. I have tried the suggested solutions and they don’t work. Beyond that, the FAQ suggests this:

“If none of the above worked, power users can try the possible solutions mentioned below, other may need to seek assistance from power users.
Locate the TVersity menu in the Windows start menu and select “TVersity Tools -> Share Media Command Prompt”. A black command line window will open. In this window please type the command mediaserver -debug and then hit ENTER.”

The command prompt doesn’t give me any errors.

So I’m back to square 1: The media server randomly stops working, and the only way I can get it to work again is by uninstalling/reinstalling tversity (pro version).

The next time it stops working, please generate logs before re-installing and send them to us so we can have the devs looks into that.

Log generation info is at:

Sounds like some kind of a network issue on your end or conflict of some sort on the machine running TVersity. Please refer to the troubleshooting section of our web site for some ideas of what kind of conflicts can occur.