What Should I See

I have Tversity PRO installed. I have DirecTV with DVR box. When I go to the DirecTV and go to Extra it shows My Computers, then myserver:tversity twice. Open up first one and it shows the Audio - Photos - Video - Tags. click on Audio and it shows my music rest of options are empty.

Second occurance of Tversity does not appear to have any links to my server.

  1. Try to play a video and it seems to be trying to load it then says video can not be played. Video came off of Youtube.
  2. I have Youtube set up in the internet setup area with my user id and password. Where do I find my access to Youtube within Tveristy? Need some screen shots in the setup guide.

Running Windows 10


Videos are not supported with DirecTV boxes. Music and photos should work.

Not sure why you see it twice, either you have TVersity installed on another computer on the network or this is a bug in the DVR.

Is there any alternative?


I really do not know.