Where have my indices gone?

I know this forum is pretty much dead, but I’m going to post in case somebody knowledgeable happens to wander in someday.

I use TVersity to access audio and image files, mostly audio, located on my desktop computer via android mobile devices and Roku units on my home wifi network. Consequently I’m using different apps on different devices to do this.

One of the things I’ve liked best about TVersity is the indices it creates (title, artist, genre, etc.) from the mp3 tags on my audio files. Especially useful are the extended indices (genre/artist for instance).

But I must have changed something because now when I access Tversity from any of my devices I no longer get access to any indices, I only see the list of folders containing the individual files.

I keep playing around in the TVersity GUI, looking for some appropriate setting, but so far I’m coming up empty. I have uninstalled and reinstalled TVersity but it has made no difference.

Can anyone suggest what I need to do to get the indices back?

Additional info: Don’t know if this is relevant, but under Status / Server Messages are scads of error messages - “Error - can’t allocate buffer entry for thread”

As so often happens, the problem clears up after I post about it. I’m not completely sure what fixed it, but I’ve got my indices back.

What MAY have done it:

In the TVersity GUI, under Settings, I had the Library Menus picklist set to Full, not to Files and Folders, but I seemed to still be getting just Files and Folders. I set the picklist to Files and Folders and exited TVersity. Then I reloaded TVersity and set it back to Full.

Yes, that would do it. You need the full menus to see the indices.

Also, some devices ignore our indices and use specific ones they hard coded into their user interface.